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All Art is for Sale

Every inch of Café Tu Tu Tango is covered with original paintings by our beloved local artists. And did you know...

All Tango art is for sale

That is right, every original piece on our walls is for sale. If your having dinner and see a piece you can’t resist, you can purchase it right there and go home to hang it on YOUR wall.

Each artist paints live in the restaurant, so on every visit you will be able to see an artist hard at work on their next masterpiece.

Interested in becoming a Tango artist?
Contact us here.






Welcome to the party!

CAFÉ TU TU TANGO was founded in 1991 by three friends who had just returned from a trip to Barcelona, Spain together. While in Barcelona they marveled at the creativity and culture that surrounded them at so many of the cafe's and coffee shops...artists scribbling sketches, writers working on novels, poets weaving sonnets as together they shared inspirations, encouraged one another's creativity and noshed on small plates of unique and eclectic foods. Being the creative souls that they are, they began imagining ways to bring this magic back home with them, and this was the genesis of the super creative, always evolving and sensory invoking experience that is CAFÉ TU TU TANGO today!

With an open kitchen, exposed wood beam ceilings, vibrantly colored walls, and an abundance of art on display, the treat that you are in for when you experience CAFÉ TU TU TANGO is evident as soon as you walk in. Local artists paint throughout the restaurant and display their art while patrons dine. The works of these and other artists are also available for sale through the restaurant. Also, don't be surprised to see spontaneous entertainment erupt during your meal, as opera singers, tango dancers, interpretive dancers, puppeteers and magicians are regulars at CAFÉ TU TU TANGO and often simply can't resist adding their art to the party!

The all small plates menu is extensive, eclectic and diverse with everything being prepared freshly and expertly by our team of exceptional chefs. Current menu items range in price from $4.50 to $12, so order a few, share with each other and enjoy your culinary adventure. CAFÉ TU TU TANGO also features an extensive and eclectic assortment of beers, wines and specialty beverages, but is best known for our world famous red and white sangrias. Blended fresh daily by our highly trained mixologists, our sangrias combine fresh fruit juices and wine (and a few top secret ingredients as well) and are served cold over ice with fresh tropical fruit on top for the perfect compliment to any CAFÉ TU TU TANGO meal you choose to assemble!

Never been to CAFÉ TU TU TANGO or haven't been in a while? Its time you treat yourself and see what is new and exciting at our ever changing, always creating and often surprising restaurants!